OC - Progress Report


Binbo's 99c Schnowglope: Renegade Elves
Binbo, an apparition in the form of an ancient Oompah Band conductor, appears to nine North Pole elves, all originally from Bavaria, encouraging them to follow their bliss. They escape the drudgery of Santa's Workshop and go "on the lamb" covertly making their way as Holiday Minstrels.

We received our commission from Center Theater Group to create the piece, which will, theoretically, be workshopped at the end of February. The commission fee pays writer/lyrics/co-composer (me) and the two other composers, Curtis Heard and Chris Ranier. I've also set aside modest stipends for Asst Director David Rogers and Musical Director Kye Brackett.

The workshop will be used to work on a 25 minute presentation of songs and a rough outline of the characters, story and staging. 

I'm continuing to zero in on a cast that I'm 100% excited about. Our men are great. We have one amazing lady, and we'll be casting two others.

Led by Kye Brackett, we have been, unofficially with CTG's help, rehearsing the music from the show, vocals and live instruments, approximately three songs out of the many. Curtis Heard, longtime collaborator, and I have been writing eccentric musical theater type songs; Chris Ranier and I have been meeting a couple of times a week to create "Gitch-hop" accompanying tracks.

Colleen Wainwright is creating a basic graphic for the show, and will be in charge of the look of the sing-along "cards" in the video design.

B-Rated Fiasco
In this immersive, multimedia, musical farce, Robbie, the sporting goods king of Akron Ohio and an amateur adult film entrepreneur, is paying from time on a live, video-call-in sex talk show to resurrect the career of his favorite porn stud, Evan, who Robbie's trademarked "the B-Rated Fiasco".

Marc Andreyko and I are waiting for a performance space to be secured before we lock in sponsors and a cast. 

Ginger Perkins has been asked to come onboard as a producer, helping us to nail down a performance space, and she'll help organizationally, as well.

Michael Counts is onboard as Consulting Producer. He will help us to solidify the business aspects of the production, and will consult on the physical design on the performance space.

Marc has suggested some genre-related sponsors (sex toys, fetish-wear, etc) and some porn industry professionals that might be right as collaborators.

Marc is going to have a graphic created for our outreach materials. 

Ken is working on a deck, that he'll pass around for input from producers. 

Kye Brackett is starting to compose and arrange the songs. Some songs are completely original, some are to be built in response to the PornoSonic tracks.

Don Argott, composer of PornoSonic music, is on board and is open to talking with Michael about solidifying a business deal.

Career Kids
A 1/2 sitcom about a tenacious 12 year old girl, who is part of an animation studio's test marketing pool, successfully climbing the corporate ladder of the studio.

John Charles Meyer is acting as producer of this 1/2 hour sitcom project. Currently, John has produced a film going to Slamdance, end of January. Congrats. 

We are refining a full length script that we'll shoot for as little money as possible, to give John's contacts an idea of what we're up to. 

I found a young guy, Sebastian Schug, to help with some spec animation for the spec pilot. 

John and I will hold auditions for the spec pilot, for a bunch of kids mostly, before raising the needed funds, to help us to generate interest in the project. 

Skin Flicks, A Musical Family Retrospective
In this theatrical band musical, sibling erotica filmmakers are using a college film retrospective about their life and work to reunite them after a dramatic falling out ten years earlier. 

Ken is currently reaching out to composers to write the music for the five unfinished songs in the score. Because these songs are to be from different films talked about in the musical, we're able to work with several different composers, and I'd like to. David O, John Glaudini and John Torres have been contacted. John Ballinger and I wrote the bulk of the songs, so far. 

David Rogers is directing Skin Flicks and is creating a sizzle reel that will help to demonstrate aspects of the musical. 

David cast two readings of the musical, one in LA and one in Atlanta, that will help us to refine the material. 

We're going to have a fundraising concert in order to raise money for the copious amount to media presented in the musical. $15,000 will be a good start. 

My hope is to bring on a producer, like Beth Morrison, who can help launch the musical in festivals and other alternative spaces. 

White Collar Camp
This comedy thriller feature film is about the wealthy, white-collar-criminal clients of a high powered attorney, who arranges for his guilty clients to rehabilitate at a wilderness camp, run by super sexy homicidal camp counselors. 

I'm giving the script to all that will read it, and making a copious list of potential casting choices.