has commissioned us to create a 99c Holiday Show for 2017.
Our first workshop will be at the end of this year!


In conjunction with 

SKIN FLICKS takes the form of a film retrospective,
 celebrating and analyzing the work of Hal and Dee Dee Davis, 
sibling erotica-musical filmmakers 
who started as teeneagers in their garage, making Cocteau-inspired erotica. 
Their journey from there is demonstrated through the projected fragments of films 
and through their accompanying annecdotes. This retropsective is also a reunion, 
as Hal and Dee Dee had a falling out several years ago 
and are using this event to come back together. 

an Alternative Family Film

Select screenings around the country

A musical family, headed by two gay fathers, struggle 
to raise their country singing son in a rural community.

The Hollywood Reporter says: 
The horse ranches and honky-tonks of California’s Central Valley 
might seem an unlikely setting for a movie about 
a long-term gay relationship, but that’s one of the key points of Perfect Cowboy 
which locates uncharted territory in familiar terrain.   
-Sheri Linden

Big Night for Nutter
This family musical loosely follows the story of the Nutcracker Ballet, adding lyrics to Tchaikovsky's score. 
The project was originally commissioned by Center Theater Group. They awarded it a two week workshop.
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Orange Star Dinner Show
Is being developed by 
3-Legged Dog, Art + Technology Center 
NYC in September '15
The Los Angeles Times says: 
Critics Choice 
By whipping the surefire ingredients of this annual festival of budget-savvy bedazzlement into dinner theater action and peanut gallery voyeurism, subversive magus Ken Roht and a fabulous service crew dish up a sublime franchise benchmark.
- David C. Nichols
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a Raunchy Vampire Musical
Feature Film
Starring Kevin Richardson of The Backstreet Boys

a Dance Theater adaptation of the Strindberg classic
Adapted by Ken Roht and Erik Patterson
Originally produced at MorYork Gallery