About Us...

 Through commissions, grants and corporate engagements, Orphean Circus works as a multi-talented collective, 
creating and presenting unique, whimsical-surrealist, music theater and video arts and entertainment.

Ken Roht, Creative Director

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"My mission is to engage the mechanics and components of holistic community building in order to create a compelling
 physical and psychic space for all to make and experience a delicious manifestation of the performing arts." - Ken

  Some Press Links
Ken Roht’s Same-O, A 99¢ Only Surreal Collage
Curtis Heard, Founding Member, Composer

99c Same-O (Max Faugno, Stephen Heath)
Jason Adams, Set and Specialty Designer

Growing With Ghosts, Center for the Arts Eagle Rock

Christine Zirbel, Founding Member, Performer
Kat Meyer, Founding Member, Performer
Lisa Bode, Founding Member, Performer
Laural Meade, Performer
Sissy Boyd, Performer
Jabez Zuniga, Performer
Michael Bonnabel, Performer
Patty Cornell, Performer
Raul Clayton Staggs, Performer
Silvie Zamora, Performer
Shannon Ggem, Performer

Peace Squad Goes 99, Evidence Room Theater


3-Legged Dog. NY
MorYork Gallery
The Actors Gang
Bootleg Theater
Buena Park Civic Theater
Buena Park Mall
Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock
evidEnce Theater
First Congregational Church, Long Beach
Grand Performances, Los Angeles
Itchy Foot Cabaret
Los Angeles Theater Center/Butane Group
Playwrights Arena
Theatre @ Boston Court
24th Street Theatre

Growing With Ghosts, Center for the Arts Eagle Rock