Ken Roht, Actor...


Ken Roht - Actor


"I've been an actor since the beginning of my life in the performing arts. 
I studied theater in college, had lead roles in classical 
and progressive productions, played quirky, often extreme parts 
in short films and music videos, and 
I wrote, directed and produced a beautiful, low-budget feature film 
in which I played one of the lead roles. 
I got away from acting to write, direct and choreograph 
music theater projects all around the country (U.S.A.), 
but my passion lies in acting. 
I'm making a home in Ireland to do just that." 
Ken, Sept '21

          Link to a trailer for the feature film that I wrote, directed and acted in.  Click




Perfect Cowboy, feature                          Lead                                          dir. Ken Roht           

The Violinist                                             Lead                                          dir. Winsome Brown

Rules                                                       Supporting                                 dir. Zak Lee

Puppy Love                                             Supporting/Short                        dir. Sid Montz

The Blind Owl                                          Supporting                                 dir. Reza Abdoh                                                                       



Audi                                                         Principle                                    Radical Media


Unusual Suspects                                   Lead                                          Investigation Discovery

Ryan Heffington Project                          Guest Star                                 dir. Jacob Sutton

So Wrong, web series                             Guest Star                                 Blackpills

Florence + the Machine, music video     Featured                                    dir. Victor Haycock

General Hospital                                     Guest Star                                  ABC

Vampire Month                                        Lead/Promo                               Sci-Fi Channel

Silent Mountain                                       Lead/Installation art                   dir.  Bill Viola

System of a Down                                   Lead/Music Video                      dir. Adam Egypt Mortimer



The Producers, musical                           Mr. Marks/Gay Scott                  Hawk's Well Theatre, Ireland

Danny’s at the Fair                                  Variety Show Host                       Daniel’s Art Party, MA

Enigma Variations                                    Fantasy Freud                            McConnell Theater, MA

I Was Jack Goldstein                               Jack Goldstein                            The Bussey, London

Permissible Union, modern opera           Jim/Tenor/Lead                            L.A. Grand Performances

Dark Root, rock musical                          Virgil/Tenor, Lead                        Largo at the Coronet, L.A.

Orange Star Dinner Show                        Orange Star/Lead/Tenor             Spiegeltent, N.Y.

Pumped Fiction, microtonal opera           Eros/Tenor, Lead                         Symphony Space, N.Y.

Last Resort, modern opera                      Deedo/Tenor, Lead                      REDCAT, L.A.

Echo's Hammer                                        Pon/Lead                                    Theater Boston Court, L.A.

Peace Squad Goes 99, pop musical        Peace Squad Kenny                   Evidence Room, L.A.

Celebration/Lizard, rock opera                 Spy/Tenor, Supporting                San Diego Rep

No Orchids for Miss Blandish                   Slim/Lead                                   Evidence Room

Bogeyman                                                Bugle Boy                                   LA/NY/European Tour

Jesus Christ Superstar                            Jesus/Tenor, Lead                       Buena Park Civic Theater

Father Was a Peculiar Man                      Alyosha/Lead                            En Garde Arts, N.Y.

Merrily We Roll Along                               Franklin                                     Irvine Black Box

Revenger's Tragedy                                 Vindice/Lead                             Grove Shakespeare

Midsummer Night's Dream                       Lysander                                   Grove Shakespeare                  



Sam Christensen            Acting

Rob Adler                       Improv

Reza Abdoh                   Performer/Choreo 7 yrs, Dar a Luz Company, International Experimental Theater

Jim Partridge                  Opera repetoire

Fred Myrow/Jim Berenholtz            Singing/Recording /Choral training

UC Irvine                        Gloria Aldridge-Scene Study, Dr. Keith Fowler-Chekov, Theater/Dance Major

Young Americans            Member 7 yrs, National Song and Dance Group



Creepy characters, Singer (high tenor to baritone), Professional director/choreographer for 30yrs, Basic guitar, Some sports, 

Public Speaking, Collage artist, playwright/librettist, Good with accents

Wardrobe test pic, I played a bad-boy (heroin was involved) in this beautifully stylized silent film.

Modern opera, Permissible Union

Toured internationally with celebrated experimental theater artist Reza Abdoh

Short film in the desert. I played Death. Got to ride a beautiful horse.

One of several featured actors in an Audi commerical.         

Music video for filmmaker Jacob Perlmutter. That's my cute, yellow car.

Tormented artist Jack Goldstein in "I Was Jack Goldstein", Bussey Building, London

       Doing a light test for a music video I was directing. This is my Vain Choreographer face.

My dream to play a zombie fulfilled in a spec Doritos commercial.

Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar. There's not a huge call for aging rockstars, so I gave up the singing... for the most part. 
Orange Star in Orange Star's Dinner Show, a bawdy musical comedy in a festival spielgeltent.

A creepy guy in a Florence and the Machine music video

Lead in a System of a Down music video       

Host of the Bard Music Festival Spiegeltent

Feature film, Perfect Cowboy

Dig the crazy scorpion bolo tie!

At the infamous Folsom Prison