Community Engagement


Happy Holidays 2022!!

Here are two scrappy holiday videos that I created this year. I'm really glad for the Irish people who agreed to play with me. It's not easy to build a new creative community, especially one as special as the ones I experienced in the states, but I'm off to a great start with these playful artists who took a chance.

For this one, I asked local favourite musician, Dave Flynn, who was my choir director for an all-community concert recently,  to write a song with me, for the purpose of making a music video. 

And for this video, I asked Owen Kilfeather to make a song about a girl looking for the perfect holiday dress, 
again in order to make a music video. Owen made this song, and it inspired this surrealist video. 

Samples from the exhibit...

 Ken moved to Sligo in August '21, and a couple months later was awarded an Agility Grant 
from the Art Council of Ireland, to nurture and improve his video arts skills. 
Over the year, as Ken was exploring his new home, with all of the inherent adventures, both thrilling and harrowing, 
he captured abstract moments on his iPhone which were defining in some odd way... resonant, for some reason.