Press Quotes

To call the prolific director/writer/choreographer/performer Ken Roht a theatrical savant 
implies he knows not what he does— that he's an idiot savant, to boot. 
He might be the first to agree. 
LA Stage Magazine, Feature Article

Ken Roht's daft, dark paean to the impasse between love, 
creation and survival in our post-millennial madness 
rides its fabulist course with dazzling staying power.  
L.A. Times, Critics Choice

In an hour of pure abstraction, auteur-choreographer Ken Roht and his company assault the audience 
with rapidly alternating song-and-dance styles, 
ranging from extravagant musical comedy to darkly primal pessimism. 
LA Weekly, Performance Pick of the Week

No one can deliver a riotous, twisting, theatrical thrill ride quite like 
writer / director / choreographer Ken Roht can…
the work combines Roht's dizzying array of influences into a 
smart spectacle that is as crisp as it is confident… 
Roht's choreography, so abundant and consistently inspired, rises to the level of genius."
Backstage West

Subversive madcap Ken Roht sends his Orphean Circus forces (and audiences) 
on an outré tour of the eternal cycle…
it's musical theater anarchy meets MOMA in a psychotropic PTA pageant… 
Roht's irreverent ingenuity continues untrammeled, his company displays imposing devotion...  
LA Times

As were those other groundbreaking geniuses, 
Roht is a poetic madman--and Angelenos get to take this annual one-of-a-kind Fellini-meets 
Dr. Seuss holiday journey right along with him. 
Backstage West

Roht's vision is part dream - part nightmare - 
a sliver of fantasy and some social commentary wrapped with a 
huge blanket of imagination and creativity. 
By the end of the 55 minutes, you feel that you fell through Alice's rabbit hole, 
and the images you saw are you, looking back at yourself.
Entertainment Today

Ken Roht is what you might call a septuple threat:
actor, singer, painter, songwriter, director, dancer, and choreographer. 
Backstage West

I was convinced then, as I am today, 
that Ken Roht is one of the four or five most extravagantly gifted contributors to the contemporary theater scene, 
easily the most important working in Los Angeles.
KCRW, Bookworm

Well, if Busby Berkeley had dropped acid while watching "The Powerpuff Girls" … 
or if Howard Crabtree and Pina Bausch staged a discount retail trade show … 
or if Cirque du Soleil and the Smurfs staged an avant-garde "Nutcracker" at a strip mall …
You get the idea. 
LA Times, Critic's Choice

Congrats in the biggest way for your awards. 
You are so brilliant!!! Yes,
someday we'll play, I pray.
Guy Maddin, filmmaker

... you become engrossed in the visual cacophony that [Roht] keeps throwing at you... there’s death – birth – pre-birth and post death imagines, all heavily dosed with music, dance, song and mirth, videos, pictures and anything else you can imagine. This is a great production to introduce newbies to a Ken Roht piece..."

... it is as producer of his own theater pieces that Roht has become most widely renowned. "He Pounces," 
Roht's most recent effort, presented by Roht's own ensemble, Orphean Circus, 
is a streamlined effort running little more than one hour. 
In that brief interval, Roht turns our heads around several times, to dizzying effect.
LA Times

Roht's productions--bargain-basement in budget only-
adhere to the auteur's trademark mix of heady surrealism, marvelously inventive choreography, 
unabashed camp, and delightful whimsy.  
Backstage West, Critic's Pick

Let’s face it; Ken Roht is a total madman. 
And watching He Pounces is something akin to melting into the deepest recesses of his gloriously twisted brain. 
Entertainment Weekly

Don't try to make sense of Ken Roht's holiday spectaculars.
Just let the images wash over you as he conjures abstract dance dramas in costumes 
brilliantly assembled from items at 99 Cents Only Stores.
LA Times, Recommended

Ken Roht's annual 99¢ Only shows suggest a demented blend of low-budget Ziegfeld Follies, 
an earth-bound Cirque du Soleil and the kind of performance neighborhood kids 
put on in somebody's garage….
LA Weekly, Go!

By whipping the surefire ingredients of this annual festival of budget-savvy bedazzlement into 
dinner theater action and peanut gallery voyeurism, 
subversive magus Ken Roht and a fabulous service crew dish up a sublime franchise benchmark. 
LA Times, Critics Choice

Dynamic, bizarre, playful and charming all describe the alternative universe of Ken Roht’s theatrical dance spectacle. 
LA Weekly, Pick of the Week

Somewhere between the chorus girls of yesteryear's musicals and the surreal meanderings 
of a French circus, is the dimension inhabited by Ken Roht.
Curtain Up (.com)