99c Splendor (Mark Bingelson, Dylan Kenin, Alicia Adams, Sissy Boyd)

film - theater - music - dance
We have been creating community and highly original 
music-theater works for more than twenty years!

99c Pageant of the Seasons, Bootleg Theater

Echo's Hammer (Ken Roht)
"I'd like to thank everyone who has supported Orphean Circus in the past... 
all of the incredible and beautiful performers and designers and patrons... 
and the audiences who have been so devoted for years.  
We've made very exciting theater together.  
Please keep checking in to see what we're up to next.  
There's always something unique and interesting 
coming down 'round the bend.  
- Ken

And a big thanks to...

"Three Enjoyable Girls" 
They were brave enough to appear in 
the very first, rather strange,
 Orphean Circus show in 1991: 
Christine Zirbel, Kat Meyer, Lisa Bode

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